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About Us

American Aviation Group, Inc. (AAG) was founded by Major George M. Brown USMC (Ret) and incorporated on November 02, 2005 in the state of Georgia, expressly for the acquisition of an airline to serve the Middle Georgia Area and has expanded its  operations to help resolve the housing needs for VETERANS AND FAMILIES OF VETERANS.

 Oasis Hotel and Resorts, LLC was incorporated on March 21, 2014 in the state of Georgia, expressly to develop hotels and resorts for vacation and recreational use by the general public and has revolved into the additional goal of providing homes for Veterans and Families of Veterans.

George M. Brown, President/Founder -- 30 years of management experience in airline and military aviation operations. He worked two years in flight operations for a major U.S. legacy carrier which included serving as a member of the airline’s management team for aircraft acquisition, the White House Committee for Future Transportation Research and Development, FAA air traffic policy and procedures, air traffic control operations, future air navigation systems, and represented the air carrier with the Air Transportation Association, International Air Transport Association and International Civil Air Transportation. His other responsibilities included manager of customer service operations at a major hub. Mr. Brown also founded Renaissance Air in Detroit to serve the automotive and other major industries in that city with customized air service. The company is located at the Detroit City Airport. Mr. Brown is very familiar with the Macon area and its air service needs having served as the Director of the Middle Georgia Regional Airport.

As the retired Director of Aviation for the city of Macon, Georgia, he was Direct Report of an FAA contract for the renovation of the Middle Georgia Regional (MCN) airport. The contract number was DTFA06-00-80090 and the amount of the contract was $8,514,627. He was responsible for the work performance and budget of nine subcontractors and executed the federal contract close out.

Uzair Khan, President/Founder Hotel and Motel Division -- 17 years of business experience as owner and operator of Ultra Shoes, LLC, Boost Mobile Franchise, Discount Grocery, Coastal Gas Stations, and Food Plus Grocery Store. Uzair Khan will have oversight responsibility for all operations under Oasis Hotel and Resorts, LLC.

George Brown will have overall responsibility for operations of the Oasis Hotel and Resorts, LLC Home for Veterans and Veterans with Families program, but will concentrate on sales, planning and growth in the first two years and insure compliance with all regulatory agencies.

John Ashworth, Director for Station Operations -- 20 years experience with Northwest Airlines  Hub, Outstation and Ground operations managing both contract and non-contract employees. His other experiences include:

  • 21 years military supervisory experience in the US Army.

  • Supervised and managed ramp and passenger service operations for over 350 flights per day for Hub Operations in Detroit and Atlanta.

  • Setup and managed ramp hub operations for startup of Value Jet/Airtran Passenger & Air Freight Airlines.

  • Retired Station Director for Northwest Airlines.

  • Ground Operations Manager for Northwest Airlines in Cleveland, Detroit,   Memphis and Nashville.

Reverend James Mann, Clinical Director -- Served four years in the United States Army from 1960 to 1964. He graduated from Georgia State with a degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice. He retired from the United States Postal Service and is currently employed at the Medical Center of Georgia hospital emergency room to evaluate emotionally stressed patients. As the need for additional Social worker hours increases, additional Social workers will be hired.

 John H. Davis, Director of Transportation -- Served six years in the Marine Corps from 1961 to 1966. Attended two years at the University of Maryland and retired from Norfolk Southern railroad after thirty-one years. Owner of Care Carriage a none emergency service, operated for nine years. The service provided transportation for private and Medicare patients from 1989 through 1998. He is currently employed as a Transportation Officer, for the Coliseum Hospital outpatient Rehabilitation Center.