American Aviation Group, Inc

Tel: +1.4783614861

317 Eagle Ridge Rd Macon GA 31216 US


American Aviation Group, Inc. (AAG) Service Mission:

American Aviation Group, Inc. mission is to serve airline/airport users who tend to utilize the nearest airport that meet their aviation needs in terms of markets served,frequency of service, fares and safety.

Oasis Hotel and Resorts, LLC, a division of AAG Service Mission:
To develop hotels and resorts for vacation and recreational use by the general public and has revolved into the additional goal of providing homes for Veterans and Families of Veterans

American Aviation Group, Inc. Vision:     
Provide our customers with consistent, reliable and quality aviation related services.

American Aviation Group, Inc. Core Values:
Our Core Values are characterized by simplicity, precision, flexibility, price/performance professionalism, integrity, cooperation and timeliness of service is paramount..